NDIS Garden Maintenance

NDIS Garden Maintenance

Welcome to Getchya Services Garden Maintenance. Our expert Gardeners cover everything from lawn care and yard maintenance to hedge trimming, fertilising, weeding, and more. Read on to learn how Getchya Services will transform your garden into a beautiful and thriving space you can enjoy all year.

Garden Maintenance Services We Offer

We cover everything to keep your lawn, yard, and garden looking healthy and vibrant all year round. Read on to see our list of garden services.

Lawn Care & Edges

A well-maintained lawn is the centrepiece of any beautiful garden, and proper lawn care is essential to keep it healthy and lush. Regular mowing, watering, and fertilising are vital components of lawn care.

Engage us to mow your lawn regularly, usually once a week, during the growing season to keep it looking neat and tidy. Water your lawn thoroughly and deeply, preferably early morning or late evening, to avoid evaporation. Fertilise your lawn in the spring and Autumn to keep it healthy and green.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming is an essential part of yard maintenance. Regular trimming helps maintain your hedges’ shape and promotes healthy growth. Getchya Services suggest trimming your hedges regularly, usually once a month during the growing season, to keep them looking great.

Rubbish Removal

Proper rubbish removal is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Accumulating rubbish creates an eyesore and can pose health hazards, attract pests and emit unpleasant odours. Removing the rubbish regularly and disposing of it properly can prevent these issues.

Additionally, recycling and composting are great ways to reduce the amount of rubbish in landfills, helping preserve the environment for future generations. Properly managing rubbish removal can ensure a cleaner, safer, and healthier living environment.

Pruning & Weeding

Weeding is a necessary evil for any gardener. Regularly remove weeds from your garden to prevent them from taking over and choking out your plants. Use a hoe or cultivator to loosen the soil around the weeds and pull them out by the roots. Use a mulch to help suppress weed growth and retain moisture in the soil.

Palm Frond Removal

Palm tree frond removal is an essential task for any homeowner with palm trees. Overgrown or dead palm fronds can be unsightly and potentially dangerous. Engage us to remove your palm fronds regularly to promote healthy growth and prevent damage to your property.

Irrigation & Watering

Proper irrigation and watering are essential for the healthy growth of your plants. Make sure your plants are getting enough water, but not too much. Water deeply and infrequently to promote deep root growth. Use a timer or soaker hose to ensure your plants get enough water. Install a rain sensor to prevent your irrigation system from running during rainy weather.


Fertilising is important for the healthy growth of your plants, trees, and shrubs. We apply fertiliser in the spring and Autumn to promote healthy growth and improve soil quality.

NDIS Garden Maintenance

Garden Makeover

A garden makeover transforms an outdoor space into a more aesthetically pleasing and functional area. This can include redesigning the garden’s layout, adding new plants and flowers, creating pathways or installing garden furniture. A garden makeover aims to improve the appearance and usability of the outdoor area, creating an inviting and relaxing space that both the homeowner and their guests can enjoy.

The makeover can be done on a small or large scale, depending on the budget, time and desired outcome. A well-executed garden makeover can significantly increase the value of a property and provide a peaceful sanctuary for the homeowner.

Pre-Sale Tidy Up

A pre-sale garden tidy-up is a necessary process that helps to enhance the appeal of a property to potential buyers. This involves improving the outdoor space’s look by removing dead or overgrown plants, trimming hedges, mowing the lawn and tidying up any cluttered areas. The aim is to create an attractive and well-maintained garden that will make a positive first impression on potential buyers. A tidy and presentable garden can also create a sense of space and openness, making the property appear more inviting and attractive.

In addition to improving the garden’s aesthetic appeal, a pre-sale garden tidy-up can also increase the property’s value, which can result in a higher sale price. Overall, a pre-sale garden tidy-up is an important investment for homeowners who want to sell their property quickly and at a good price.

Best Reasons To Choose Our Yard Maintenance Services

Getchya Services only employ people that genuinely care long-term about your garden bed maintenance. So you can trust us to get your job done right! Reach out to us for a free no, obligation inspection and quote, and we can help you choose the right gardening service to suit you. We will indeed discuss your needs and tailor an ongoing affordable lawn and gardening package to suit your budget.


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We Can Inspire And Transform Your Garden

In conclusion, garden maintenance is essential for keeping your lawn, yard, and garden looking healthy and vibrant. Call upon us to regularly mow your lawn, remove debris, trim hedges, fertilise your plants, remove palm fronds, and weed and water your garden.

NDIS Rubbish Removal Service

Whether you have green waste, are cleaning out the garage or decluttering your home, Our NDIS rubbish removal service is here to help.

NDIS Lawn Mowing & Edging

We take great pride in your lawn and provide a second-to-none NDIS lawn mowing service. You can expect an affordable professional lawn care service from us, which is precisely what we deliver. And we leave your property all tidy and clean.

NDIS Yard Maintenance Services

For a complete and dedicated gardening and NDIS yard maintenance service, you can trust the diligent team here at Getchya Services Pty Ltd.

NDIS Hedge Trimming Service

Allow us to take care of your pruning and hedge trimming. We take the time to listen to your request on how you want it done. After all, it’s your pride and joy.

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