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Our mission encompasses building a long-term working relationship with our customers and providing them with the very best home care services and a clean and fresh, enjoyable place to live. We promise that working with us is a breeze and that our focus on your care is unparalleled.

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What You Need To Know About Getchya Services

Indeed Getchya Services is a privately held PTY LTD company registered through ASIC. We hire a diverse range of people from all nationalities and people that represent all communities. We strive to uphold all values and follow Australian Corporate law.

Behind the company are a highly dedicated husband and wife team. We are thorough and committed to providing our clients with the very best service. Believe me, when I say we do not ask our staff to do anything we have yet to do.

About Our Improvement Policy And Procedure

We seek to constantly improve the quality of our services by adhering to the Integrated Management System (IMS) requirements of measuring, analysing and improving.

This aids us in continually guaranteeing the best in supervision, training, contract management, and client services. We progressively monitor all projects to completion by undertaking thorough site inspections, auditing, employee input and responding directly to customer feedback.

This procedure encourages staff to identify and document areas for improvement as they arise and to respond to client complaints effectively. By doing this, all managers and employees ensure Getchya Services’ strong reputation as an industry leader.

Every Getchya Services Pty Ltd employee undergoes a thorough education and training program to ensure high-quality standards are met. Additionally, supervisors are trained and responsible for ensuring improvement areas are actioned and are required to report outcomes to the operations manager.

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Getchya Services Pty Ltd Diligent Planning

Our thorough, diligent planning aids employees in preparing their teams and equipment to ensure client contracts start on time and meet specified inclusions.

Management is involved in planning every new site and works to establish all responsibilities and identify any issues or hazards before project commencement. Tasks are assigned to the relevant qualified staff with the skills to complete the service satisfactorily to scope.

Behind the company are a highly dedicated husband and wife team. We are thorough and committed to providing our clients with the very best service. Believe me, when I say we do not ask our staff to do anything we have yet to do.

Why Choose Us

Our team members are passionate, motivated and highly trained to provide the level of service you expect from a leading commercial company. They don’t miss anything and provide immaculate service every time. If there are any issues, you can expect them to be resolved rapidly.

Highly Trained Staff

We train our staff to an extremely high standard. Leaving nothing to chance.

Diligent Supervision

Day and night supervisors on the job around the clock.

Breathe And Relax

You get to take comfort knowing your site is in our hands.

Getchya Services Core Competencies

Quality Assurance

Consistently meeting requirements and addressing future needs and expectations pose a challenge for organisations in an increasingly dynamic and complex environment. Getchya Services may adopt various forms of improvement in addition to corrections, such as breakthrough change, innovation and re-organisation to achieve this objective.

Getchya Services has demonstrated that optimal service delivery is achieved by ensuring thorough supervision and diligent sound management. Getchya Services has implemented and continues to improve these competencies.

Performance Management

Measuring our performance in the provision of services is fundamental to our continuous improvement and customer retention. We aim to formally measure site-based service performance at a minimum every month or as per contractual requirements.

Compliance Auditing

Getchya Services prides itself on maintaining a rigorous compliance system. This practice ensures customer and business integrity. We are always mindful of legislation changes and work to maximise efforts to reduce risks in all business aspects. In addition to measuring performance against agreed Key Performance Indicators, we regularly audit each of our contracts to ensure compliance with contractual obligations. The frequency and extent of contract compliance audits are at the client’s discretion.

Insurance And Security

We have public liability insurance and product insurance.
All of our team members undergo a full background and police check. We also utilise effective recruitment, training, monitoring and audit systems to ensure our staff work safely and methodically in your home.

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Customer Service

We employ staff who genuinely care about their work and ensure that all our clients are happy. From our cleaners on-site to our 24/7 support staff, you’ll always receive the help you need.


Our clients appreciate our responsible, transparent approach to cleaning their businesses. We provide the finest service in the cleaning industry, both in how we operate and how our staff are trained and inducted. When you receive a quote from us, you’ll see a clear breakdown of costs for your cleaner(s) and a reasonable and competitive fee for your project manager, who manages all communication, coordinates all work and resolves any issues.

We encourage our clients to interact with us when monitoring their sites. Our technology and transparency allows for you to view contractual obligations easily and check the status of work, upcoming schedules, live GPS-tracked time attendance, fault reports, service delivery confirmations, complaints, audits and more.

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